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Built for multiplayer.

Built for competition.

Built for teams.
Track Builder

Track Builder

Fast and seamless in-game track builder.

Share with community - Free, or make sales.

Custom track importer in development.


Get off the PC.

Switch on the TV.

Sit back, relax, and race.

Graphical Roadmap





This is the best place to come for ...

Connecting with our 22RS community

Whether it's for racing, or for building.

Game info and any questions that you might have.

Bear in mind that we're an indie team that don't currently have dedicated community moderators, so we appreciate patience as we grow the 22RS game and team.

Tournament info, sharing, bragging

If you beat a best time, then we love a bit of well intentioned and fun bragging about your amazing achievements ... perhaps you might even share some tips on your achievements, so that the community can learn from you, and then you can all push each other to new limits!


We're building 22RS as a community game. In our minds, 22RS is a sport before it's a game. And in the spirit of community sports, the community's voice matters to us. So your feedback is welcome here.

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Feature updates and such

Here you'll get snapshots of the breaking news and releases.

Game info

We like to publish game tips, videos and guides.


As with Discord, community feedback is key, so we'll be posting polls to our Twitter community to get your input.

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Development Pipeline
Development Pipeline

Previous Stage

Alpha Access

An opportunity for racers and race teams to get in early and carve out their space in the upcoming racing league.

22 Racing Series has been available on Pavillion Hub, and has been running tournaments across Pavillion and Steam for our early testing phase.

Current Stage

Pre-Season Testing

Core to any motorsport is the Pre-Season testing stage - Called early-access on Steam.

This is an opportunity for everyone to get their vehicles out onto the track to test them out, hone your skills and learn the tracks.

For those interested in the higher tier team events, and 'no holds barred' tuner events - This is your opportunity to refine your vehicle setup and put together your team.

Next Stage

World Championship

The prize money goes up for grabs in our first ever world championship.

We'll be hosting a number of different tournaments which will be split out as prize pools across a number of different classes and game modes.

And keep an eye out for our Tournament builder - Allowing the community to create and host their own tournaments with their own rules.

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