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Crowd funding is a fantastic way to get the community involved in a games development by directly engaging with gamers right from the early stages so that we can all contribute to making a game that we're proud of and, most importantly, love to play!

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We're currently working on our 'look and feel' visual demo, slated for release in 2015
Antarctica Look and Feel

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Let the blur begin! (7 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Last night the 22 team took the highway to the danger zone for some pre Xmas break team bonding. We were going so fast that we fully time travelled into the future … turns out the future is pretty blurry, just like these photo’s. 50 odd laps later we fell out of our karts white knuckled, blistered, bruised, with sweaty shirts and with the knowledge that it always hurts more the next day. Turns out game development doesn’t fully prepare you for the rigors of a kart ;) On the plus side, 22 ended up with the sixth fastest time of the week. Might have to see if we can’t shave off a few tenths to better that next year :-)

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